Monday, March 21, 2011

Cookies Take a Stand!

Hey Everyone!

I stared my cookie line "Branched Out Cookies" several months ago, however they had no internet presence, except a sporadic appearance on Facebook until now! I was inspired to do this after having an order for 200 cookies for the Food Justice conference at the University of Waterloo. The cookies were devoured, everyone loved them, and so I thought I should make what people love more accessible.

If you are not familiar with Branched Out, it is a cookie line boasting 4 unique flavours (Indulgence, Squirrely, Traditional, and Seedy) that are wheat free, vegan, and use local/organic ingredients wherever possible. Questions about pricing, person orders, or anything else can be directed towards Tricia Enns (me, the inventor, baker, advertiser, and everything else'er) at!

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